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About Us

Welcome to Metro First Realty Unlimited! We are here to serve. Our approach is unique – happy agents mean happy clients! Our agents are the best in the business. Our in-house training and mentoring assists each agent creating individual success. We join together as a team to support each other and reach out to our community. We have a well-rounded group and we work from our strengths. Our broker is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider and we support Dave’s Baby Steps program. We seek to assist and educate our clients on obtaining financial peace. We are happy to answer questions about what you are looking for in a real estate company.

Our Mission:

  • To serve people well – before, during, and after the real estate transaction.
  • To respond quickly and effectively to all who inquire.
  • To leave the client or customer with a positive feeling about the experience, our performance, and our brand.
  • To be respected by our peers, our community, and our family members.
  • To give back to our local and global community through our gifts, talents, resources, and service.